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​​ acting Requirements

​​What height is required for modeling?
As you might expect, taller is better. The minimum requirement for top fashion models is usually 5’8”, and supermodels are often 6’ of taller. This may seem unfair, but the reason for this is that taller bodies tend to display clothes better than shorter ones.
What body type does the modeling industry prefer?
Models need to be slim in order to make the clothes look good, but that does not mean skeletal. How slim depends on the kind of modeling – catwalk models (who are also very tall) are usually thinner in comparison to their height than catalogue models, who need to look more natural. Fashion models should be no less than a women’s size two to no larger than women’s size six
For adult female models, small breasts are usually preferred, unless the type of modeling specifically requires a larger bust.

Models age range
There are opportunities for models of pretty much any age, from babies to senior citizens, but the vast majority of fashion models tend to be aged 12 – 22. 

Model hair and skin
It’s hard to emphasize enough, how important hair and skin are to a model. The most beautiful, tall and slender woman will not be a model if her hair and skin are not up to scratch – and the same for male models!
Hair should be strong, shiny and not too long. Skin should be flawless and even in tone. There is no preferred skin colour of type of hair, only that they are healthy.

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